No Tear Out Counter Top Upgrades

Updates and Transformations with NO TEAR OUT

With our unique applications process using our real pulverized stone blend we create the one of a kind customized kitchen and vanity tops. Creata Stone Surfaces is applied directly over your existing surface.   

Creata Stone Surfaces Countertops have the look and feel of high polished natural stone. They are 100% non-porous and never have to be re-sealed. Creata Stone Surfaces tops are an exceptional solid surface for food prep which does not promote the growth of bacteria and virtually maintenance free.

Creata Stone Surfaces countertops are custom manufactured. Our unique real pulverized colored stone no tear out process allows for us to create any color combination. Creata Stone Surfaces is not limited by stone availability, slab size, colors, or large price increases for the look of exotic stone.

Mineral effects and natural veining found in natural stone can be created and even enhanced to add beauty, value and durability that compliment any kitchen layout. Therefore enabling for a versatile and lively piece to any design you can imagine. 

Creata Stone Surfaces can be applied in as little as one day. This way you won’t be without your kitchen for weeks at a time. Our process in completed right over your existing surfaces and are truly environmentally friendly and virtually no smells.

Creata Stone Surfaces has a very tough and durable surface. Our real stone system is sealed with Creata Stone Hard epoxy that is scratch and heat resistant. As with all countertop surfaces, it’s possible to damage the epoxy, however our process makes those small repairs simple. However when other countertop materials are damaged they are hard to fix and sometimes even non-repairable unless overlaying with Creata Stone Surfaces.

Creata Stone Surfaces countertops are environmentally friendly. Our crushed stone base is water-based and recycle quarry stone and providing another solution to the mining and excavating the earth of solid stones. Our Epoxy consists of 100% solids and no solvents. Our epoxy is virtually smell free with very little to no V.O.C. this qualifies as a green building material. Creata Stone Surfaces unlike some granite stone does not release radon gas. Go Green with Creata Stone Surfaces.

Creata Stone Surfaces the economical solutions for new countertops starting at $30 per sqft. Other materials start at a much higher price: Granite cost $65-$150 per sqft; sile stone, zodiaque, and other “man made stone” $55-$120 per sqft Solid surface such as corian etc, $45-$90 per sqft; Formica $25-$65 per sqft.